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Hey, you know that mushrooms aren’t just those squishy little things that you put on your pizza, right?

Boost your focus and energy while fortifying your immune system and settling stress. Our whimsical fungi cousins can unlock the magic to help you feel like a whole new person.

Say goodbye to boring old supplements and hello to the future - Superfood Shrooms. Our products are packed with potent shroom goodness - from Lion's Mane to Chaga, we've got the goods to make you feel like a mycelium master.

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What are Functional Mushrooms?

While there are over 2,000 different species of edible mushrooms,
functional mushrooms are a unique subset containing health-boosting
compounds that can treat and prevent different diseases and enhance
overall wellbeing. They have been used for thousands of years in both
ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.


Are Functional Mushrooms Legal?

Functional mushrooms are 100% legal. They do not contain psilocybin (a schedule I drug) and do not possess any hallucinogenic properties. So, you might be disappointed if you take them to Burning Man, but they are perfect for your everyday health and wellbeing.

Are Functional Mushrooms Safe to Consume?

Yes, functional mushrooms are very safe to consume. Of course,
consuming too much of anything has its downsides, but functional
mushrooms have few to no side effects, so taking them modestly is
generally safe and encouraged.

Do You Need to Work With a Doctor to Use Functional Mushrooms?

Even though functional mushrooms are generally considered
completely safe to consume, we do recommend consulting your doctor
before supplementing with them if you have any medical conditions or
are currently pregnant.

Which Functional Mushrooms are Most Beneficial?

Well, all of the ones we offer of course 😉 For more in-depth descriptions of
benefits and effects click the product pictures above.

Why is Hot Water Extraction Best?

The immune supporting polysaccharides common to all medicinal mushrooms are found inside of the cell walls which is made from an indigestible fiber called “chitin” Hot water extraction is the only clinically validated method for breaking these polysaccharides out of the indigestible cell walls.

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